5 hiring habits we’d love you to do that our most successful clients do already


We want our clients to be successful and we’ve found that when certain clients follow certain behaviours, they streamline our ability to get the right hires for them quickly. We decided to put our heads together and really outline what we’ve noticed our most successful clients do that make hiring new people much simpler.

1. Give Us a detailed Job Spec

We work hard to find you the best candidates and if we have a well written and job spec that answers all the most important questions potential candidates can have, it removes doubt and ambiguity, and gives a much better chance of a good match. We can even get this information from you on the phone and we can lead this conversation and ask the right questions to really get a sense of who would fit best into your team.

2. Exclusivity

We often work on an exclusive basis with key clients this means with our market knowledge we can go out to the right people and we can put the whole team on this. When clients give us 3-5 days exclusivity, we will always make these roles a number one priority and can also plan interview slots to make the best use of time.

3. Respond Quickly

In a busy market, good candidates will be snapped up quickly – If we are finding you the best talent out there it’s important to respond quickly and gear up interviews fast so you are not missing out on the best candidates. Good candidates will often have many things going on at one time.

4. They trust us

Our key clients trust us and know that we provide excellent candidates. They know we will keep information confidential and they trust our judgement when it comes to CVs. A CV does not always tell the whole story – if we know a candidate well it’s important to trust our judgement especially when it comes to their personality and culture fit.

5. They take our advice

Sometimes we’re going to advise you to do things that you’re not going to like or agree with. However, we don’t do anything without good reason. For example, you might think a candidate is not right by looking at their CV, but we may know they will be a good fit from our own relationship with the client. Or, we may advise you to adjust the way renumeration is advertised to attract the right type of client and mentality. Clients who listen to our advice know we have the right experience to judge situations correctly.

So, those are our 5 criteria for successful clients. If you’d see these wonderful attributes in yourself we’d love to talk to you about how we can work together. Just call us on 020 3883 7893 or email m.gill@michaeljamesassociates.com to setup a no obligation chat.