Ami Wynbourne - Director of MJA

What’s your role and experience?  I am the director of global talent and I lead a team of consultants.  I have 20 year’s experience within corporate organisations and global talent management.

What do you love about working at MJA?  Going back to the old fashioned way of recruitment which is about building relationships, understanding culture, and spending time with people rather than the present way of recruitment which is often aggressive.

What do you think your clients value about your work?   Honesty and helpful advice, but  most of all, that we deliver the very best candidates globally by managing a team of highly motivated and experienced global talent consultants.

Where are you based?  MJA are based in London, but we are in the process of opening new offices in New York and Germany

What’s the favourite part of your job?  I love helping people and managing our client and candidate relationships.

Any hobbies?  Spending time with my son and all sports.

Email Ami: a.wynbourne@michaeljamesassociates.com
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