Proof that a client can be a potential candidate and vice versa

Proof that a client can be a potential candidate and vice versa

This year I placed an actual client in a fantastic role.  He’d transitioned to be a candidate that I was able to find a new job for.

I first met this client in 2011 when I started in recruitment and he was a working as the hiring manager at an Insurance organisation.

I made many placements for him – a total of 60 candidates over 6 years

We kept in touch and last year he decided to leave his current role and called me up with advice and help in securing his own next role.

We spoke every week and he confided in my how shocked and horrified he was about how many recruiters he used to know (through being a client for them) that would not even take his call  and the recruiters he knew well had either left the company or moved into management so were no longer taking calls from candidates.

He rang me one day and said he couldn’t believe how bad it was out there and how recruiters he had previously had good working relationships with now didn’t want to talk to him.

Why this is common

From what I have seen in the recruitment world, there is generally a high-pressure culture. This means people can be quite cut-throat, and save their “friendly” side only for people who they see they can make an obvious commission out of. I don’t like to work like that, and I have proven again and again in my own business that it doesn’t have to be that way.

So we took on the challenge and worked to find him the perfect role. It brought me great satisfaction that, after many years of me finding him quality resource when he was a hiring manager – I was now able to place him in a dream role.

To me it’s important to keep relationships and help people where they need it the most.  You never know when you yourself may be on the other side and need a helping hand.