So, you’ve got an interview? Great! Read this first!


Interviewing can be very stressful and this type of mood can affect how you come across during an interview. Ideally, you’d like be going in with an excitement and positivity. Read these tips through as part of your preparation to really up your chances of being offered the job!


Always go into your interview confident and positive. Make sure that you take time talking to yourself or someone before about your positive attributes and what you bring to the employer. This type of self-affirmation has been shown to be really effective in upping your confidence.

During the interview always use positive language and and proactive in your manner. If the interviewer has something you feel is negative, try and not sound apprehensive.  Answering back with a positive answer will ensure your interviewer is impressed and happy.


Presentation is key. Make a real effort in choosing what you will wear, check your hair, even pay attention to small details like checking your shoes aren’t scuffed.  Invest in an outfit that you feel good in and aim to look your best. Looking your best is important and you will also feel more confident.


Being prepared is very important before and during an interview. Make sure you do some research on the company and that you know about exactly what they do. This will help you feel engaged with the process and even see whether this is a company you’d want to work for. It is also leaves a good impression if you understand what the company does and have shown you did your research.

Body Language

Even if you feel nervous. It’s important to look confident in an interview and body language is key. Make sure you are sitting up straight and make eye contact with the person taking the interview. These physical changes you make can actually make you feel more confident.


We often get feedback  from clients that have met candidates who talk over them, interrupt them, or seem to not be listening. Of course, take time to answer the questions being asked but also take time to listen. Senior stakeholders want people who can listen and take everything on board.

Always have good questions lined up

Always have some good questions you would like to ask at the end of the interview – it’s a typical part of any interview for them to ask you if you have questions for them. Prepare 2-3 in advance – you can have them in your head before you go in.  It will leave a good impression if you are asking the right questions.

Never talk about salary or day rate

While it’s important to as questions, you’ll want to give the impression this job is interesting for you and you’d like the opportunity to work for this company – not just for the money.  It’s our job as the recruiters to negotiate and discuss salaries so best to leave that to us. As a rule, never speak to a interviewer about money, and if they ask you just say “my recruitment consultant is dealing with this side of things.”

We hope the 7 tips above make you feel more ready for your interview, and wish you the best of luck. If you’d like us to review your CV for you, or if you’d like to practice your interview with us, please get in touch